Meal Thymes

                   'Reheat and Eat' entrees and desserts

             office/kitchen location, 902 County Rd. 21 N

                                   Prattville, AL  36067

                               334-358-1800   or email 


Get  out of the fast food line today!

You may not have time for preparing home-cooked meals, but we do!

Since 2008, Meal Thymes has offered Prattville and Central Alabama           fresh home-style meals and desserts.  Although we no longer offer event catering services, we do provide delicious meals - either frozen or freshly cooked - and baked goods.

Frozen casseroles are available 5 days a week from our catering kitchen located at 902 County Rd. 21 N in Booth, 9 miles NW of Prattville.  We are currently looking for a new location in Prattville for scheduled pickups, so please check back with us.

We keep a small selection of our most popular casseroles available, with a larger selection available with 72 hours advance notice.

All food is prepared in our licensed catering facility.