Poppy Seed Chicken on Wild Rice - our most popular request!

But, Shepherd's Pie isn't bad, either!

                                           Meal Thymes

             office/kitchen location, 902 County Rd. 21 N

                                   Prattville, AL  36067

                         334-358-1800 or 334-202-4094

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Get  out of the fast food line today!

You may not have time for preparing home-cooked meals, but we do!

Since 2008, Meal Thymes has offered Prattville and Central Alabama           fresh home-style meals and desserts.

All of our meals are prepared in our licensed catering kitchen,                  located on our property northwest of Prattville.

After a few years of operating our cafe and casserole store,                       Meal Thymes has returned to our original food service by offering personal and small group catering - however, limited to the food delivery only.       Full time jobs have made us scale back the services we can offer, but the delicious food is still available!

Please see our Menu page for entrees and sides for family-sized 4-serving   sizes and larger 10-12 serving sizes.   Larger available on request.

We request a minimum 72-hour notice for delivery, and one week notice for larger groups. We will discuss delivery options, such as locations, upon placing your order.